Winters Here, Get A New Efficient Boiler

It was fun while it lasted but summer is over and winters on its way. Winter brings with it lovely holidays and winter sports but it also brings ever increasing heating bills. Fortunately there are things you can do to keep the cost of heating your home from spiraling out of sight.

Installing double glazed windows and attic insulation can decrease the amount of heat that escapes from your house. Even heavy draperies on the windows and insulation tape around windows and doors can help. One of the most significant heat and cost saving measures you can take to to replace your old boiler with a new more efficient one.

A boiler works by burning gas, oil or even wood pellets to heat water or produce steam. Some modern boilers use electricity. The steam or hot water is piped through the house. If your boiler is more than a few years old it is using more fuel than necessary and giving you less heat in return.

Depending on how old your boiler is the energy rating on it is probably significantly lower than the current standards. Many of the boilers found in older homes have an energy efficiency rating of only about 60 percent. This means that a full 40 percent of the heat you are paying for is wasted.

The new energy efficient boilers, which are between 80 and 95 percent energy efficient, There are many advantages of using natural gas instead of an electric boiler. One of them is that an electric boiler takes longer to heat up, and more energy to maintain it’s heat. With a natural gas boiler, the heating element is direct heat, which heats up faster, stays hot longer, and is much more fuel efficient. use between 80 to 95 percent of the fuel for making heat for the home with only a small percentage lost. The new more energy efficient boilers have been designed to make better use of fuel.

A number of changes have been made in oil and natural gas boilers in recent years. Many have eliminated the old fashioned fuel-burning pilot light with an electric lighter. New combustion technologies get more heat out of less fuel.

If you decide to purchase a new boiler one of the first decisions you need to make make is what type of fuel you are going to burn. If you currently have an oil boiler you might want to discuss your local heating/cooling contractor the practicality f switching to a natural gas boiler. If you do not have access to natural gas in your area another possibility is an electric boiler.

Not long ago an electric boilers would have even been considered an option only by the rich and eccentric. Electricity in most places was much more expensive than natural gas or fuel oil. However since the prices of those other fuels has gone up the difference is less significant than it used to be. A lot depends on how much electricity costs where you live. A electric boiler though not inexpensive up front could turn out to be a better choice for your particular situation. That’s something to think about now that winters on its way.

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