Free Basketball Picks Jan 15: Lebron James Should Run Portland Out of the Building

Three Free Basketball Picks for Sunday.

Free Pick 1 Best: Knicks @ Raptors: Can you believe that at this time last year the Knicks were leading their division? Both New York and Toronto are trying to take advantage of their weak division and make pushes to playoffs. While the Nets have looked good lately, New Jersey is injury prone and will fall off eventually. When they do, these two teams could be waiting. So in the fight for division supremacy, this game is important. Predicted Score: Toronto wins 115-110

Free Pick 2 Runner-up: Cavaliers @ Blazers: 가상개경주 In watching Cleveland play, you get the feeling that they should be a run-and-gun team like the Phoenix Suns. Eric Snow is a half-court PG and slows down the game more than Jeff McInnis did. They should run Portland out of the building, but they don’t score enough to do it and there are only 3 games played on Sunday. Predicted Score: Cleveland wins 102-94

Free Pick 3 Blowout: Magic @ Kings: When a fast-paced team and slow-paced team come together they form a game that I’d call a blowout. No Steve Francis is big trouble for Orlando. This team will have trouble reaching 80 without him. They are in the bottom five in scoring and taking away Steve’s 20 Points Per Game will hurt. Predicted Score: Sacramento wins 103-79.


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