My Top 3 Favorite Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours Ever!

The South Rim is considered the most scenic portion of the Grand Canyon, and it is a fantastic place to view on a helicopter tour. These flights depart daily and they are easy to fit in your budget. Booking the perfect tour can be confusing, so this article will reveal the top three helicopter tours you should consider.

Top Tour #1: The Longer Flight Option

The National Park is huge, and the only way you can see so much of it on a single tour is to fly over it in a helicopter. The longer, puertomaldonadotours 50-minute tour is a great choice because it allows you to fly over 75 percent of the entire National Park. The flight takes off from Tusayan, AZ, and then it flies over remote wilderness areas as you get to see the North Rim and the scenic grounds all the way to the eastern border of the National Park.

Although this tour costs more, it is still the number one tour since you get to see so many amazing sights during your flight. For example, two notable landmarks you’ll get to see from the air are the Dragoon Corridor and the Colorado River Confluence.

Top Tour #2: The Shorter Air Tour

The shorter, 30-minute tour is less expensive, so it is a good choice if you need to watch your budget because you’ll still see many interesting sights. It follows the same flight path as the extended tour over to the North Rim, but instead of going on to the eastern border of the park, sport tape your helicopter will circle back to Tusayan. Even on the short tour, you’ll fly over the Dragoon Corridor, so you’ll get to see the deepest and widest part of the Canyon.

Top Tour #3: Combine Your Flight With A Land Tour

This tour is one of the best ways to experience the Canyon as you’ll get to see it from the air as well as from the ground. On this tour, you’ll enjoy a 30-minute flyover of the Canyon as well as a jeep tour so you can see many of the landmarks up close. On the land tour, you’ll ride through the park on a jeep for 2 hours so you can experience the beautiful Mather and Yaki lookout points, and then you can shop and dine when you stop at a quaint historic village.

Canyon Landing Tours

The helicopters on tours in this portion of the Canyon don’t land, they just provide air tours. Landing tours are prohibited by the park service at this rim of the Canyon. Landing tours are only allowed at the West Rim, so if you really want to take one, you should book a tour that departs from Vegas and flies to the West Rim.

Book The Deluxe Tour Option

When you pick the flight you want to take, you can book the basic tour or the deluxe version. One big difference is the aircraft used on the deluxe tours. Deluxe tours fly on the EcoStar 130 chopper. The basic tours fly on Bell Rangers, and in comparison, Jeeter the EcoStar is much roomier and comfortable to fly in. The seats are arranged stadium style, so there are no obstructed views, plus, the EcoStar has a massive panoramic viewing window for unparalleled sightseeing. The deluxe tour is worth the extra cost, so you should consider booking one when you’re ready to buy your tour.


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