PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Tips

PPC also known as pay per click advertising is by far the quickest way to get hordes of ‘targeted’ visitors or traffic to your website. Many top income earners in direct sales and network marketing got to their level of success as a direct result of using PPC advertising methods.

You can advertise on the big search engines like: Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as scores of other smaller ones.

To understand this type of advertising, simply do a search on any subject and notice the ads at the very top and to the far right of the search engine results page. They should be labeled ‘sponsored’ ads or links.

They are basically three lined ads that have a title at the top and a two lined description below it. Your main focus is to write compelling ads that will ‘attract’ the right type of visitors to your website and the best part of it is you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

It can cost anywhere from 5 cents and up per click depending on what keyword area that you are advertising in. For home based business, mlm or network marketing, you could be expected to pay anywhere from 85 cents to $5.00 per click in order for your ad to appear on the first page results. does kohls take apple pay

It is basically an advertising auction on the search engines. The search engines will auction off ads based on:


  1. Relevance (how well your ad, site and keyword are relevant to each other).
  2. CTR (Click Through Ratio – based on how well your ads perform).
  3. Bids (the price that you are willing to pay per click).

If you are seriously considering PPC advertising, then you must know that this is the quickest way to get targeted traffic to your website but it is NOT recommended for the novice marketer. If you are new to marketing, I would highly recommend that you explore free methods or low cost advertising methods first to ‘cut you teeth’. Many people have lost their shirts as a result of plunging head first with absolutely no experience in writing ad copy or advertising in general. 

To be successful with PPC, you will need to become a pro in the following areas:

1. Keyword Research:
You will need to learn what types of keywords to bid on in order to ‘attract’ the right type of person to your website. Keywords are basically words that Internet searchers type into their web browsers. Let’s say that you had a website that sold sour green apples. The main keywords thatyou would represent your website would be: “sour green apples”. These would be the keywords that you should bid on. You wouldn’t want to bid on red apples since you only offer shiny green ones. That would be a waste of money and un-relevant.

2. Writing Effective Ad Copy:
You must learn how to write compelling ads that will attract the right type of visitors. Let’s say that you were selling products like “sour green apples” on your website. Your headline should be something that would attract someone who is looking to buy shiny green apples. It can be a good idea to include the keywords “sour green apples” in the title so that when someone searching for sour green apples sees your ad, they end up clicking on it and into your website they go.

3. Relevance:
The more relevant your keyword, ads and landing pages are, the better that you and the search engines will do. Relevance is very important to the search engines because their number one job is to give the searcher the very best possible experience that they can. Let’s say that you decided to make a campaign to generate buyers for your apple business. You decided to make your headline or title “best tasting apples”. Now someone on the other end is out exploring the Internet and sees your ad. To them they may be thinking best tasting apples most likely are sweet red apples so they decide to click on your ad. Now there is a disconnect that happens almost instantaneously on your landing page. This person sees that your website has sour green apples for sale and quickly exits your website as fast as they came in. The search engines monitor you ads an take heed when they notice too many back button clicks coming out of your site. They may even penalize you which will end up costing you more money per click in the long run.

4. Savvy Marketer:
You will have to learn how to become savvy in your marketing efforts. Being savvy means to be able to ‘attract’ hordes of ‘targeted’ visitors to your sites and maintain a moderate and eventually high ROI (return on investment). You will have to learn how to keep your business in a profit position.

If you are truly serious about your success in network marketing or MLM, you must learn the ropes and take everything one step at a time. Most people in this industry crash and burn really fast because they are in too much of a rush to become successful. Sure everyone wants to be successful overnight but great things take time to harvest. Learn about your business and what your selling first before rushing into marketing. Then when you are ready to market your business online, I highly recommend using free and low cost methods to advertise. Once you get some kind of pattern of consistent results then get into PPC.

Make some sales for free and eventually you will establish a marketing budget. Then take that budget and apply it into paid methods. This is what it means to be using other people’s money.

A great leader once told me: “Patience and Persistence” will make you successful.

Rory Singh is an Internet Entrepreneur and professional marketing consultant.

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