Joker Halloween Costume

The Joker Halloween costume is possibly the most sought-after outfit this trick-or-treat season. It’s easy to understand why! It’s a very fun outfit to create yourself, recognizable and scary! It’s got all the appeal and potential of the perfect costume. Although this Joker Heath character will be seen everywhere, arianm creating your own costume will give it a personality of it’s own making it unique. That’s what makes a character like this so much fun at Halloween. But why not take it a step further?

Actually, finding the props from this Dark Knight villain is getting tougher and more expensive as October 31st approaches. A lot of the reason for this buying frenzy is the fact that Halloween falls on a Friday this year. More adults than ever before are buying up the hard to find hexagon shirt, purple coat, vest and pants. Here are a few alternative ideas to consider: mandaltempotraveller

The nurse costume is a good choice. The thought alone is quite freaky and the hospital scene with Two Face left quite an impact on many who saw the movie. The costume does not require nearly as much work. Nurses outfits are readily available at thrift stores or can be bought at a uniform shop. Maybe you even know a nurse who can lend you one! The makeup remains the same, shoplocalgta grab a surgical mask or make one. A clip board or folding book would do for the additional prop. Although there was a gun in the scene, it’s not really necessary. Possibly some white nylons and shoes but again, not really necessary. The nurse will definitely be popular but you won’t see as many Joker nurse’s as just joker’s. But how about a real off the wall idea? Something really unique?

If you run with this next original idea you will likely be the only one at your party if not your town! You might even be the subject of the next viral video on youtube! Ok, I’ll spill the beans. Why not make a Ronald McDonald Joker Heath costume? Finding clothes to resemble the famous golden arches mascot shouldn’t be too difficult. It wouldn’t have to be exact because you can carry a happy meal or just a take out bag in one hand to drive home the point. Just having those red stripes and golden clothing will do it. Some oversized red shoes would help too! Of course, the facial makeup will be the scary Batman joker makeup. Possibly a joker knife prop in the other hand. These knives are readily available, especially the plastic fake prop ones and they are cheap too! actualidad-logistica

So there you go. Two more ideas for you. Hopefully this will get your mind thinking of more ideas. Being a little unique is always a good thing for winning a contest or impressing your fellow co-workers at the company party. So get cracking! Halloween is right around the corner. netnaijas

Hello, my name is Ray Sherman. Feel free to run with my scary Ronald McDonald Joker idea. Just promise me you’ll stop in for a Big Mac on your way to the party! Whatever you decide to create you’ll need to get started on your costume props soon. I for one am very excited about Halloween this year. I am an avid collector of Batman movie memorabilia and am particularly fond of the Joker. asia999


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