Music My Life’s Passion

How many people can honestly say they worked at a job they really loved and got paid for it? I sang for a living for a good many years and did just that. Music was my forte. My voice was a gift from God. I was never formally trained to sing, imi9bet all my training was right on stage. During my college years I played drums and sang for dances with small groups and bands. At Pasadena City College I performed many major music shows. One of the annual shows was called “Crafty Hall”. In that show I sang a popular song of the day called ‘I’m Yours”. A mock TV camera and crew followed me around stage. This was my introduction to show business.More… joker681

One afternoon I went to the local radio station in Pasadena in hopes of getting an audition with Cliffy Stone. While practicing in an empty studio a gentleman by the name of Billy Strange heard me sing and introduced me to Cliffy. That introduction landed me a job on a the local country and western radio show, hosted by Cliffy Stone who also had a local television show called “Hometown Jamboree”. After some months on radio I had my chance to perform on the television show. The first song I sang on television was called “Buttons and Bows”. Another song that was received really well was “Unchained Melody”. After that experience I had the urge to travel. I went on the road with a trio, primarily as a singer and front man. Traveling was a lot of fun, since I was able to see many places I had never been. After the trio I joined up with the Four Jokers, a musical comedy group who owned a nightclub in Encino, CA. We worked at home at the Four Jokers Club and also did some traveling. Hawaii was a venue that the Four Jokers worked before I joined the group. We all headed for Hawaii, this was my first time. We spent many months there and I fell in love with the Island. joker78

After the Jokers, one of the best jazz accordionist in the music business, Ray Lewis, and I formed a musical comedy duo known as “Lewis and Marone”. We traveled to many places including Tokyo, pggame365 Japan. We played in a club there called the “Copa Cabana”. We also sang for the troops in Thailand during the Viet Nam War. While at home in southern California we worked various nightclubs. We built a large following in San Gabriel Valley at a club called “Jack London Square”. Ray and I were together about ten years. During this time I cut a few records with several record companies. Although I never achieved a hit record I felt extremely successful in the music business doing what I truly enjoyed. For more info visit these sites: 168galaxy


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