Booklet Tips – Demand for Booklets

The question is often posed about whether tips booklets are still in demand at all, and, if so, does print win out over downloads, or downloads instead of print. The answers to those questions depend on what you understand booklets to actually be, and how they can be used. ternak303

Tips booklets straddle the line between publishing and marketing, since this publication format can and does serve both purposes. And that is true whether the format is print or download.

From your position as the author or future author, you have expertise to share with your world, to help people improve their personal life, professional life, or both. So you publish the booklet. That same information can also help companies and associations reach more people, helping them with expertise and also with the products and services the companies and associations offer. Your booklet becomes a marketing tool for your business and for the organizations who invest in quantities of your booklet. tips303

What stops people in their tracks is often lack of awareness. Here are three things that surface in conversations.


  • A surprise that tips booklets exist at all
  • The belief that only one booklet format works for a particular audience
  • The many ways booklets and their content can be used


What if you learned that a corporation ordered hundreds of thousands of printed copies of a particular tips booklet to include as a gift with purchase in one of their products? Yes, that still happens. Or how about that a different smaller company sent 5000 tips booklets to their mailing list of clients and prospects as last year’s holiday greeting card, with that booklet doubling as a gift? That sure distinguished the company from among the crowd in a big pile of holiday cards. And on the downloadable side of things, what about the professional trade association that loved the tips booklet about running your own small business that they gave each member for a new or renewed membership, as a bonus and a thank you? ternakslot100

In each of these current cases, the booklet was both a publication and a marketing tool. You can imagine that those examples barely scratch the surface of the many ways tips booklets are definitely still in demand.

ACTION – Start by writing your tips booklet if you haven’t already done at least one. Think about who else can benefit from it, ideally companies and associations who will use it as a marketing tool for their products and/or services. Those large organizations will more efficiently reach the end-users you would otherwise be seeking out on a one-to-one basis. Your booklet is an ideal size and price for those groups to use so they benefit, the ultimate recipient benefits, and your company benefits. It’s a three-way win! Yes, tips booklets are still in demand, so go get yours done. If you already have one done, identify who needs to know about it now and reach out to them. Letting them know about your booklet could be just the solution to a challenge they have been having, and a solution they never realized was even available. kotodama


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