Penis Enlargement Surgery, the Facts and the Fiction

The top three things that men worry about most are,

Losing their hair

Their height

The size of their penis.

Given that hair transplants are now back in fashion again ( Wayne Rooney and Jason Gardiner have boosted that market ) it is no surprise that this is the most popular cosmetic surgery operation requested by men today. However, penis enlargement surgery is much sought after, its just that there are not too many men willing to admit they have had it done, unlike a hair transplant.

It must be said that there are many men who think they have a small penis, when actually they have a perfectly normal one. This does not stop them seeking surgery. They believe they have a small penis sometimes because they have had a bad sexual encounter. Perhaps a girlfriend has been particularly unkind, and that plants a seed of doubt in the mind which sometimes just wont go away. Also, a glimpse of a friend in the locker room can also convince a man that his penis is small, as he could not help but notice that is friend seemed to have a much bigger penis than he did.

Before men embark on penis enlargement surgery they often try everything else. On the internet there are lots of advertisements for penis enlargement pills, traction devices and exercise techniques. These methods do not require any surgery at all of course, just how effective they are is unclear. In such a sensitive market it is difficult to get any meaningful data.

Penis enlargement surgery is not available on the national health service. It is a cosmetic surgery operation and it has to be paid for by the Patient. In the United Kingdom there does not seem to be too many Plastic Surgeons offering this operation. Those that do offer Penis enlargement surgery have been doing so for some years. The operation is not the easiest procedure for the Plastic Surgeon.The operation requires great skill, particularly in the girth increase part of the operation. Also, some Surgeons in the United Kingdom actually frown upon the surgery claiming that it is not a recognised procedure.

The operation itself can either increase the length of the penis, the girth of the penis, or both at the same time.

Most men that have penis enlargement opt for both procedures as they are concerned about the overall look of the penis and they tend to feel that it looks small in length and girth. top surgery

As part of the consultation process the Surgeon usually explains that in terms of the sexual satisfaction of their partner, the girth is the most important aspect of the penis. This is because the vagina is most sensitive in the lower third area. Having a bigger penis however will not always make men better lovers.

During the consultation the Surgeon must gauge the expectation level of the Patient. Managing expectation is vital in penis enlargement surgery. If the Patient is expecting huge increases in length then he most likely will not get beyond the consultation stage.

In terms of length gain, a realistic expectation would be an increase of between one and two inches. This probably does not sound like a lot, however if the penis is only three inches to start with, two inches more is quite an achievement. The increase in length is achieved by cutting the suspensory ligament which releases more of the penis from inside and it makes the penis hang lower.

The thickness of the penis is increased by extracting some fat from another area, such as the abdomen, and putting it into the shaft of the penis. This is the part of the operation that requires the best work from the Surgeon. It is important that the fat that is put into the penis is evenly distributed along the penile shaft. If this process is not done properly the penis can take on a very unattractive look, lumpy and uneven.


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