Decorating Your College Dorm

College is a fresh start. Nothing represents that quite as well as the college dorm room. With white walls and empty space, it becomes an expression of oneself. Just wait, your messy friends will have messy rooms. The girly girls will have a room glowing with pastels, reeking of perfumes and lotions. Down the hall, the music plays from the musician’s room, while an artist places their latest work above their bed. The question is, what will your room say about you? Posters, flags, furniture, and more. Each items is an extension of yourself. You habitat is an accessory, so don’t be boring and leave your walls blank. A few ideas for great ways to spice up your room. nahls

Ladies, pinterest, pinterest, and more pinterest. This magnificent website will flood your to do list with creative crafts to fill your room. From mason jars to wine bottles a little research proves that everything has a second life. So be creative, use the internet find cool ideas that will set you apart from you hundreds of neighbors.

Get comfortable and cool bed sheets. Unlike home, people see your sheets in college. Comfort must be couple with style. Patters are a great way to set yourself apart. Bright colors are also great. But remember that at the end of the day. You have to sleep and stare at those sheets for an entire year. So beware the neon pink or hunter orange. Messipoker

Decorate your walls. Your dorm room is likely going to be constructed of white cinderblocks. Cover those up ASAP! This is the easiest way to make your room stand out. The ideal is to hang some art or craft (as discussed above) that you made yourself. Anything made by you trumps something bought, because it is unique and will generate conversations. If you’re not artistic, no worries. Posters and flags are especially great, because they cover up a large amount of space. Not only will they by nature look good, but they won’t break the bank along the way. I would suggest prints as a great wall addition; however, from personal experience they just have no place in a dorm. My roommate sophomore year hung a print titled “the university gentlemen.” It was of 18th century man dressed in his finest. For the most part it was a cool print and would have looked great in a nice home, just above the fireplace. Buttttt our whitewashed walls had no fire place and the 1′ by 1′ print looked ridiculous on the other wise empty walls (empty because print cost his entire decorating budget). Long story short, hold of on the fine art until you’re apartment shopping. Stick music and movie posters. They’re timeless and tasteful. preferablepups

While not technically decorating, I highly recommend bringing something unique and fun to keep in your dorm. This could be anything. For most it’s a gaming system; however, I find that a board game, dart board, remote control car, laser machine, projector, poker set, or anything that it’s unlikely your neighbors have will work perfectly. The point is that this thing will set you apart. It will fuel conversation and fun times. Worst case scenario, that Hungry Hungry Hippos game stays under your bed for a couple months. Don’t be surprised if it turns into a great night when you least expect it.


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