6 Effective Ways to Come Up With Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas

Do you find it challenging to come up with great guest and blog post ideas? pg79

For many bloggers and content marketers, this is the case.

If they don’t get good ideas they won’t create good – or any – content.

They’ll usually procrastinate and postpone writing their blog posts because they don’t know how to start and what would make for a good blog post.

And if they don’t create, then they won’t be able to get the results with their blogging.

But in order to be successful online with blogging and guest posting, you need to be consistent. So if you’re not regularly publishing content, then it’ll be challenging to gain any sort of momentum and build an audience.

If you’re still finding it challenging to come up with good blog and guest post ideas, then it’s time to try something different. pg79th

You can use the following 6 tools to generate an unlimited amount ideas for your blog and guest posts.

1. Quora

Using Quora – a site that aggregates questions and answers to topics – is great way to get a lot of ideas for your content. By searching the Quora database for your topic, it’ll give you the top questions people have about that topic, as well as answers from experts.

In order to use Quora, you’ll need to sign up or login with one of your social media accounts.

Once you’re in, to find a good blog or guest post idea simply enter your topic and then view the top FAQs.

For example, if you select “startup advice and strategy” for the startup category then you’ll get the following results:

One of the top questions is: What are some great online tools for startups? blowie

As of today, the post has received 166 answers and 174, 629 views.

This shows that people are interested in this topic and want to know the best tools and resources available.

If this is your niche, then for your blog post, you could come up with your list of best tools for startups: 5 Market Research Tools for Startups, or the 7 Tools That Will Improve Your SEO, etc.

The idea is to search for the questions that have the most activity in your niche, and create your blog or guest posts around it. There are literally tens of thousands of questions for each topic, so it’s unlikely you’ll run out of ideas any time soon.

2. Alltop

Alltop is an aggregator website that posts all the top stories from the best blogs and sites on the web. It answers the question, “what’s happening?” for virtually every topic imaginable. It filters out all the noise, so you’re only left with the best of the best content online. So if there’s just one place to get great ideas for blog posts, this would be it.

You can find all the top blogs and stories by doing a search for your topic and then selecting it. For example, if your topic is business, you would click on “work” and then “business”. quoras

Once you’ve landing on the business category page, then you’ll see all the latest sites and stories from the top sites.

One way to stay on top of all the latest stories, is to subscribe to the most relevant and interesting blogs in your category. You’ll need to create an Alltop account to do this. Once you’re logged in, all you need to do is to select the site and add it to your Alltop feed. This way, you’ll only be notified when those sites post the latest stories or blog posts.


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