The Top Reasons For Every PUA to Start a Blog of His Adventures

For the past three years of my life, I have been a pickup artist. After learning about dating and seduction, I knew I wanted to chronicle my adventures I can look back and see how I felt when I started and look at how much I have changed. If I ever have a bad night out, I can just look back at what I used to consider a bad night.

When a guy joins the community, he is going through so many changes that if he doesn’t write it down, he will forget where he started. I always tell new pickup artists to start up a blog. articles about women

There are five main reasons why starting a blog is a great idea.

1. Every good soldier knows that debriefing is important after going into the field It’s a chance to look over your mistakes and think through ways to move forward and improve.

2. You can keep track of your progress. With the passage of time, your memories of each night will start to fade and you will forget exactly where you were when you started. Every guy has nights that feel amazing, but also nights that just feel like a complete bomb. By looking at your past you can feel a lot better about your present.

3. You can share your journey with your brothers. Your wings can see what you are working on and give you helpful advice or encouragement. Guys just starting out can be inspired by you.

4. When you become well-known for all of your pickup glory, your fans can look at where you came from. Sometimes I meet guys and they think that I was born amazing with women. Just be checking the history of my blog, guys can see that I started out without any skill with women. Anyone can becoming amazing with women. I certainly did.

5. Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to see what the other guys out there are up to. I subscri


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