5 Top Tips to Make Total Food Replacement Dieting Fun!

Losing weight with a meal replacement plan is a very effective method of getting to your healthy target weight fast. Total food replacement means that you do not eat any conventional food, your get all your nutritional requirements from a range of food packs. Many people can find this a daunting task, but the results are amazing, and if you can have fun in the process then it can be a life changing and transformational journey that you will never forget. mattajir

1. Change your mindset: don’t focus on the things you can’t have, focus on the things you CAN have. You can only think of one thing at once. Many people who are overweight think about food a lot. If you find your mind wandering to dream about your favourite foods you need to stop this trial of thought immediately and replace it with bright sparkly images of you living a brilliant happy life in your slim happy body. lets-get-down-to-business

2. Make yourself feel good without food. When was the last time you had a new hair style, or bought a new nail varnish, or had a facial. Treat yourself and make yourself very good, pamper yourself and reaffirm in your mind that you want to look and feel your best.

3. Get a weight loss Buddy. Many people do not understand the concept of losing weight via meal replacements, if you do know someone who is on a total food replacement plan then talk with them and you can support each other. There are also some great online social networks and weight loss forums where you can make friends and connect with people who will encourage and support you.

4. Keep A Journal, and record your progress. Before you start your weight loss journey, be sure to record your starting weight and key measurements like your waist, thighs, hips, chest, upper arms. Every week, record your new measurements, this is a fun experience as you can actually see on paper your progress. If you like being creative make charts and graphs to track your success! This will give you an amazing sense of achievement. schlüsseldienst

5. Move! Be active and enjoy life! Emotion comes from motion. So do something everyday that makes your heart beat that little bit faster, whether that is going for a walk, dancing to some music, de-cluttering your house or going for a swim. Just move and smile! It will make your journey so much better and it is a great habit to form for long term success and happiness. healthy food replacements

You can really enjoy the process of losing weight, look at it as an amazing opportunity to focus on creating the life and health that you deserve. Get excited and be enthusiastic about your potential and your future.


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