2 Smart Ideas To Boost Your Blog List Building Efforts

Blog list building is absolutely essential if you want to increase the “sticky” factor if your blog and engage your audience even further. Let’s face it, there are millions of blogs online, and probably tens of thousands of popular ones in your niche. So how do you set yourself apart from the competition? Simple, you deepen the relationship and increase your opportunities to connect with your audience, and soon you’ll have a loyal blog following that recognize you as the expert authority on the subject. You can do all this and more simply by applying blog list building, and here are 2 smart ideas that will help you do just that: flowactivo

Smart Ideas To Boost Your Blog List Building Efforts #1: Give Them A Reason To Subscribe

10 years ago, blog list building (and any other kind of email list really) was simple. All you had to do was to put up an opt-in form on your website saying “Sign up for my newsletter!” and you’d get loads of people signing up. These days though, blog list building is just a little bit harder, autoperformancepartsdirect because everyone’s hard pressed for time and suffering from information overload, not to mention being wary of spammers that will sell their email addresses to other spammers. So, if you want them to sign up for your newsletter, you will need to give them a reason to subscribe. You should at the very least list the benefits of subscribing, and for even greater success, offer them a bribe in the form of a relevant report or some other useful tool. smartblogideas

Smart Ideas To Boost Your Blog List Building Efforts #2: Place The Opt-In Form In A Prominent Position

We all know that “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply to blogging, and it certainly won’t apply to your opt-in form either! Google themselves have done extensive research into internet users’ reading habits, and it’s no big surprise that certain areas of a page get more attention than others. So don’t just place your opt-in form on your front page, gambleonlineblog and don’t just put it in the sidebar where your visitors may be totally blind to it. Place it on every post and page in a prominent position (research “Google Heat Map” for the results of their research into internet users’ behavior to find out what the optimum spots to place it are) so that your blog list building efforts will have the maximum reach to your visitors. mommasays



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