The Traditional Wood Fire Seems Not So Green Anymore

San Francisco finds itself in the news again over traditional wood fireplaces. This has been ongoing for years and it has included such issues as housing reconstruction baywind residences regulations, zoning laws and outright bans on the traditional wood burning fireplace. But, many people are turning to the best alternative to enjoy the traditional fireplace in a new way.

It seems this year, San Francisco law makers might ban the traditional wood burning in the fireplace for Christmas Eve and Christmas. After reading that bit of news from the San Jose Mercury, I thought about my Christmas Eve and Christmas traditions. What would Christmas be like without the fireplace?

My family likes the fire burning in the evenings when family and friends are coming over to visit. Christmas morning, opening gifts is so much better with the fireplace Madeira burning in the background. But, the Bay Area Quality Management District is worried that light winds and cool dry air could create unhealthy air conditions across the Bay Area. So, they might be putting a halt to any of those plans for the Bay Area residents.

Spare the Air alerts are what Bay Area residents have to check on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas before they fire up the fireplace. Spare the Air alerts have already been issued two times this winter, and one took away fireplace privileges on Thanksgiving. The Bay Area might lead the way with these kinds of restrictions, but it’s just a preview of what could happen across the nation. Autoværksted

So, many people are considering the alternative to the traditional wood burning fireplace. Portable fireplaces that burn what is commonly known as gel fuel are the much regarded alternative. The fire is real as opposed to the electric alternative and it burns clean as opposed to the gas alternative. The gel fuel is made of pure isopropyl alcohol, which is one hundred percent non-toxic as it burns into a water vapor and disappears clean into the air.

With the whole nation going green and trying to recoup the damage bestowed on us by generations past and the generations who exist today that just won’t give up jocuri poki on their mass production and constant waste, we find ourselves relentlessly searching for those alternatives to traditions and habits that we find so hard to shake. If we can find suitable alternatives to our problems, more people will choose those over the earth-damaging solutions that exist today. Fuel for our cars, off-grid lighting, cali plug carts and recycling solutions are just a few of the ways our world is getting more conscious about its consumption habits. By changing now and finding better ways to use our earth’s resources, we just might be able to hand down a healthy world to generations yet to come.

So San Francisco might seem fragrance samples to be going a bit overboard at times when they take such drastic measures to keep their air clean, but they just might be onto something that the rest of our world could take into consideration. It’s not that alternative fireplace solutions don’t exist. It’s just that business not many people are aware that they can enjoy the same comfort and feel of a traditional wood burner using a less earth-damaging alternative like a portable fireplace that burns gel fuel.


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